First-Time Home Buyers: 12 Reasons To Sign Up For Team Sam Khangura's VIP Home Buyer System

By: Team Sam Khangura

First-Time Home Buyers: 12 Reasons To Sign Up For Team Sam Khangura's VIP Home Buyer System

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Because your home may well be your largest asset, buying as a first-time homebuyer is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

As a first-time homebuyer, you have many hurdles to cross to become a homeowner. While many agents may promise to buy you the home of your dream, the reality of the real estate market today is that this simply doesn't always happen. 

The fact of the matter is, the majority of homes sell for a price that is above and beyond the buyer's budget and they may have been led to believe. 

A good agent knows the market and has information on past sales, current listings. Evaluate each buyer carefully on the basis of their experience and qualifications.

So what do the first-time home buyers want in a Realtor?

? The realtor should fully understand what they want in a home.
? The realtor should be up-to-date and have a thorough knowledge of homes on the market.
? The realtor should have superior negotiating skills.
? The realtor should have specialized knowledge on the best possible financing
options available (lowest down payment, lowest rate/monthly payment).
? And a service program that makes it quick and easy for them to
pre-view homes they are interested in.

To give you the best of our services and to give you a smooth home buying experience Team Sam Khangura presents the exclusive "VIP Buyer System".

As a VIP Buyer, Team Sam Khangura will provide you with the following services:

(1) We will assist you in securing the best financing program for your specific situation with the lowest interest rate and least
expensive closing costs and have a pre-qualification/approval certificate generated to give you the best competitive advantage in purchase negotiations.

(2)We'll provide you with regular updates from our Home Search Service of all the new properties that match your home
buying criteria. This will allow you to determine which properties you want to see.

(3)We’ll research and locate properties not readily available online and contact you when one or more match your home
buying criteria (unlisted properties, bank foreclosures, new construction, for sale by owners, etc.).

(4)We'll arrange a private showing of any property you want to see.

(5)We'll discuss the best strategy with you regarding offer price, financing terms, interest rate, the cost to close, possession
date, inspection details, termite, pest, and other environmental reports
, and anything else you want to know when you are
ready to purchase.

(6)We'll help you prepare the offer with terms, provisions, special stipulations, amendments, exhibits, and addendums
weighted in your best interest.

(7)We'll present the offer on your behalf and negotiate in your favor to help you secure the property at the best possible
price and terms.

(8)We'll recommend extremely competent affiliates with respect to your total home purchase: including legal expertise,
a home inspection, appraisal, warranties, homeowner hazard, and title insurance.

(9)We'll be available for you to answer any questions you might have.

(10) We'll provide you with a one-year Home Warranty Policy ($400 value). We will negotiate the warranty on your
behalf at no cost to you.

(11) We'll provide you with our written Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee whereby we agree in writing to buy back your
property if you are not satisfied with your home purchase*.

(12) We'll provide you with our Cancellation Guarantee and can cancel our Buyer agreement at any time if we do not live up to our


This means a smooth home buying experience, with no confusion, contradictions, communication gap, underpromises. 

So what are you waiting for, call 647-660-0600 right now to set up a no-obligation personal meeting with Team Sam Khangura?